Our Rural Idyll

After many years working in the city being subjected to pollution , noise, traffic etc. We thought it was time to find our our own rural idyll. We wanted a slower pace of life and a cleaner healthier environment for our family. My wife was originally from rural Northumberland so we decided to look into buying a cottage in the area. We began as most do by scowering the internet for properties for sale that fitted our need:-

  • We wanted a pretty home
  • Seclusion
  • Not too Far to Amenities i.e. a nearish town
  • Plenty to do for the children e.g. local beach etc.

After many months of searching, we zeroed in on an area of Northumberland outside of the historic town of Alnwick. I have a large area of coastline and parkland http://diamondsinthelandscape.org.uk/all-about-national-parks-and-access-to-the-countryside-act-in-uk/. There were some lovely houses available that certainly compared to city price were very reasonable. We needed at least three bedrooms to accommodate us all. We found two properties in the area that ticked all of our boxes.

Traveling Up

We decided to go to stay in Alnwick for a long weekend to give us all a chance to get a better feel for the area. This was also our opportunity to view the available properties and decided if we wish to pursue either of them. We set off early on Friday morning for the five-hour drive to Alnwick.

We arrive around midday so had some time to drop into the estate agents and arrange to view the two properties. This was arranged for Saturday morning as both were not too far it would give us time to consider our options. We spent the rest of Friday driving to some of the local high spots, Bamburgh, Seahouses etc. This confirmed for us that this was the place to go to escape life in the city.

To buy or not to buy?

On the Saturday morning we went to see both properties, each had its own quirks and quaint characteristics that you expect for rural properties particularly in Northumberland. The second property was the most practical, but I knew my wife had fallen in love with the first. It had everything we needed and was what she has envisaged when we first discussed the move. The owners wanted a quick sale as they were moving overseas so we knew we had to strike while the iron was hot. We contacted finance provide https://getmemymortgage.co.uk that had recommended by a colleague as they had a good reputation for fast turnaround.

We were given provisional approval and decided to make an offer for the full price to guarantee the property. We knew or place in the city was sell quick so had no worries about that.

Settling in to our rural Idyll

Everything went smoothly with the purchase. We relocated within 2 months and set about redecorating and make those improvements that make a home a home. After six months we know that we made the right choice about relocating.